When Is the Best Time to Take an SAT Prep Course?

Summer offers students a lengthy vacation from the stress of school, giving them time to recharge and energize. However, summer also happens to be the best time to take an SAP prep course. We don’t mean to rain on your parade—after all, summer should be full of fun and relaxation. But in gathering the best times to take an SAT prep course, we were left with two distinct conclusions. First, any SAT prep course should come with plenty of time before the date of the test—ideally, a few months. Secondly, the best time to take your SATs is in the fall. So, why are these such important points if you’re trying to get your SAT prep course timing right? Let’s dig deeper.

Getting the SAT Timing Right

We recommend that students prepare as though they’ll take their first SAT in the fall of their junior year. There are a few reasons for this. For starters, taking a test in the fall still leaves plenty of time to get the results and re-take the test in the spring if you so desire. And, in taking the test during the fall of your junior year, there will be more time to dedicate to the preparation without the additional stressors of AP exams.

Ideally, anyone helping you prepare for the SAT prep course will know that you need to begin preparation for the SATs well in advance. That means that a sophomore in high school can already begin preparing on their own by studying up on the latest SAT knowledge to enhance their chances of going into the SAT prep course feeling grounded.

Taking an SAT Prep Course

While we noted earlier that summer is the best time to take an SAT prep course, that doesn’t mean that it’s the only time. The time that works best for you may vary, but you do want to take an SAT prep course toward the earlier parts of your long-term preparation, giving yourself at least a few months in advance.

This is because your time spent studying for the SATs should be guided by someone with experience. Taking an SAT prep course not only teaches you how to prepare for the SAT, but it shows you how to conduct your own study sessions to maximize your chances at success. These aren’t tips you’ll want to learn while cramming.

Take an SAT Prep Course with Jantzi Test Prep

Take an SAT prep course as your initial preparations for the test get underway. For some, that may mean taking a spring prep course while preparing for the SAT in fall. For others, it might mean preparing in the summer. There’s no single answer here, but if there is one thing you want to do, you need to give yourself plenty of time to prepare. At Jantzi Test Prep, we offer SAT/ACT prep courses that fit your study schedule and help you learn everything you’ll need for the big day. Schedule the class today!