What To Expect When Working With A College Exam Tutor

Having a tutor for college’s most important entrance exams can be a major advantage for any student. But no matter what your budget may look like, there’s one central question you need to have answered before you can feel comfortable hiring one: is a tutor worth the price? Just what kind of improvements should you expect from hiring a college exam tutor? In this post, we’ll walk you through just that, so you can decide if working with a tutor is right for your student.

What A Quality College Exam Tutor Should Provide

Before we get into specifics, let’s talk about what a private tutor can provide when it comes to a basic level of services:

  • Flexibility. A tutor should be able to work with you no matter what your location or scheduling needs might look like—within reason. For example, our college exam tutors here at Jantzi are happy to work worldwide using Skype or Facetime.
  • Personal Attention. A tutor’s job isn’t simply to instruct. By lowering the ratio of student to teacher to one-to-one, you should expect a personalized approach. A great tutor can relate to each student, identifying both strengths and weaknesses to create a strategic plan for attacking the SATs and ACTs. Again, personal attention is something that a classroom environment can’t simulate.
  • Accountability. A quality tutor should remain accountable to both you and the student in your life. After all, this is a specific type of work—with specific goals. A tutor should be dependent, punctual, and qualified to offer the kind of customized advice that only a tutor can provide. Expect nothing less.

There are reasons that people turn to ACT & SAT tutors to ensure that their student performs well on the college entrance exams. And while these general expectations are a great way to understand what a tutor can bring, let’s focus on the deliverables as well. What might a tutor be able to do to help your student’s specific test scores?

Improving Scores On The ACTs & SATs

The college entrance exams aren’t just important—they might make the difference between having an opportunity to get into a dream college or not. They might also impact the availability of scholarships. That, in turn, makes private tutoring a wise investment… so long as you can count on results.

And what about those results? Here at Jantzi, we typically see jumps of 100-300 points on the SAT and 2-5 points on the ACT. While every student is different, that should give you an idea of just how vital an outside perspective like private college entrance exam tutors can be.

Want more information on pricing and what you can expect when consulting a tutor for your student? Then have a look at our private tutoring services, and choose an option that fits in your budget. Chances are, once you see the benefits of personalized attention, you may not want to go back to the old way of doing things.