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A comprehensive 12-hour course that your child will enjoy. Learn more about available discounts below.
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Park Tudor School

Saturday, September 22nd: 4 - 6pm
Sunday, September 23rd: 3 - 5 & 6 - 8pm
Saturday, September 29th: 4 - 6pm
Sunday, September 30th: 3 - 5 & 6 - 8pm

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call Judi Klug at (760) 535-9291 or John Lynn at (317) 849-5707

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Available Discounts

Discounts applicable to 12 hour course. Learn more about available discounts below.

Corporate Discount

Code: 4CORP

Military Discount

Code: 4MIL

Sibling Discount

Code: 4SIB

Education & 50/50 Discount

Code: Educand5050

$50/$50 Discount

Code: 45050

Sibling & 50/50 Discount

Code: Siband5050

Educator Discount


Military & 50/50 Discount

Code: Miland5050

Indianapolis, IN Test Prep Courses Delivering Guaranteed Results

Unsure about how to start preparing your student for the SATs and ACTs? Have you and your student already been “through the ringer” when tackling ACT/SAT prep courses, with nothing to show for it? It’s time try out a test prep course that delivers complete accountability and improved scores—guaranteed.

Since 1987, Jantzi Test Prep has helped tens of thousands of students improve their scores, bolstering their chances at college success. Now our Indianapolis, IN test prep course is available near you so you can enjoy the same boost to your student’s confidence.

What separates Jantzi Test Prep from the rest?

  • Our 100%, money-back guarantee means you won’t have to wonder if we’ll deliver results. You can enter these courses with full confidence that we’ll help your student improve.
  • Some courses require over 100+ hours of commitment before offering a similar guarantee. Our course guarantee only requires a 12-hour commitment of student attendance, broken up into six modules of two hours each. There is about four hours of homework, and the SAT is expected to be taken within 30 days. Our proven SAT/ACT program will deliver results.
  • Easy registration and check-in keeps the focus on the work itself so your student can maximize their study time and keep every session as simple and focused as possible.

If you live in Indianapolis, IN or surrounding area, you now have the opportunity to help improve your student’s future. SAT and ACT scores can be a large component of an admission to a chosen school. The higher the score achieved, the more scholarships your student can apply for as well. Help your student get a leg up with a brisk, comprehensive test prep course that can improve their knowledge and their study habits as they prepare to take the next major step in their lives.

Register for a Test Prep Course with Jantzi today!

Discounts Applicable to 12 Hour Course.

$50/$50 Discount

When two or more students (including siblings) register for the same scheduled course, each student receives a $50 discount. Code: 45050

Educator Discount

School counselors, teachers, and administrators, coaches, and youth pastors receive a $50 discount when registering their child for the course. Code: 4EDUCATION

Sibling Discount

If you've paid for one sibling's tuition in the past, you receive a $50 discount when you register another sibling for a future course. Code: 4SIB

Corporate Discount

If your company agrees to post our services on the benefit page at your company, each employee will receive a $100 discount toward the prep course. Code: 4CORP

Military Discount

Active and retired military receive a $50 discount when registering their child for the course. Code: 4MIL

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