How Important Are College Entrance Exams For Admissions?

College entrance exam preparation can be difficult. In many ways, it can seem more difficult than schoolwork itself, and you might find yourself wondering if it’s all worth it. So, just how important are college entrance exams for admissions, anyway?

As it turns out, a lot.

Here’s what you need to know if you’re on the fence about taking a long-term, dedicated approach to college entrance exams:

How Many Colleges Use Entrance Exams for Admissions?

If you work hard and get good grades, it can be tempting to assume that some colleges will ignore scores while others won’t. But the truth is, most colleges have to use these entrance exams to get a gauge on how a student might perform at the next level.

In addition, you could even get awarded a scholarship if you receive high entrance exam scores. That means that scores aren’t just a deciding factor for whether you’ll get into the college of your choice—they may ultimately determine whether you can afford your top choice of school.

What College Programs Consider as They Weigh Your Application

While college entrance exams are important, they’re by no means the sole determining factor in being accepted. A college will typically use multiple variables to assess your readiness, including the following:

  • The quality/strength of your high school courses
  • The strength of your grades throughout high school
  • Participation in extracurriculars
  • Letters of recommendation
  • Essays in application
  • College entrance exam scores

The better you can perform on your college entrance exams, the more you’ll maximize that variable. But it’s not a reason to ignore the other aspects of your application—highlighting the strength of your courses, seeking out great letters of recommendation, and working hard to ensure a high GPA throughout high school is also equally important.

What Do Colleges Say About Entrance Exams?

With all of the above in mind, just how important do colleges think the entrance exams are?

It is said that about 78% of schools consider test scores to be “considerably important.” That doesn’t rule out taking other variables into consideration—such as the transcripts available from the student’s grade history.

Entrance exam scores are even more important for larger schools. For students that want to make it into a big school, The National Association for College Admission Counseling found that larger institutions tend to consider test scores more intently, while small exclusive schools are likely to place equal importance on all aspects of your application, including the scores.

That means that both small and large schools will take them into consideration. But if you have your sights set on a large school that you’ve been dreaming of for a while—it helps to ace those exams.

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