How to Improve SAT Scores in Two Weeks

Do you only have two weeks to improve your SAT scores? While short-term cramming is never preferable to a solid, long-term plan for SAT prepping, that isn’t to say you can’t accomplish a lot in two weeks, either. Let’s look at some of the best short-term investments you can make to improve your SAT scores in just two weeks.

Practice, Practice, Practice

Two weeks isn’t a lot of time to prepare, but it will give you ample time to at least practice your ability to take tests. For this reason, it’s a good idea to do plenty of sample tests. Time yourself and go through the motions of the SATs. This will not only help you get a sense of how to manage your time, but will introduce you to the test-taking skills that are most essential, such as how to revisit questions, budget your attention, and work through the reading section to maximize retention.

You don’t have to take entire practice tests, either. You can break down a practice test one at a time for every study session you have between now and the big exam.

Break It Up into Bite-Sized Pieces

When you hear that you have only two weeks to study and prepare for the SATs, it might be overwhelming. So overwhelming, in fact, that you avoid taking it on until the last minute. The two weeks can swiftly become one weekend—and then an overnight session of cramming. This is not ideal.

To avoid overwhelm, break up your preparation into bite-sized pieces. There’s nothing wrong with starting off one day with a mild study session to demystify the entire process. That, in turn, will lead to you feeling more confident on day two. By day 14, you’ll have far more confidence in the process than if you had waited for one big study session.

Formulate a Strategy for Each Section

Anyone who’s taken the SAT can tell you that it’s not really one test, but a series of tests. In one section, you’ll explore writing and English skills, and in another, you’ll work on abstract math. It’s important to incorporate your strategic planning for each section so you’re never caught off-guard. Take a look at some useful tips for each section:

  • Writing: Strive to be concise. If you can write a sentence in three words, don’t use eleven. This will not only reduce your chances of making grammatical mistakes but will enhance your clarity. In addition, watch out for passive voice.
  • Mathematics: Know your essential formulas. This cannot be emphasized enough!

The more you focus on central skills, the better you’ll spend your time.

Seek Assistance from a Professional Tutor

Now that you know how to improve your SAT score in just two weeks, it’s time to start studying. But, if you have more time—and hopefully you do—you might consider more help in the form of an SAT prep course that’s guaranteed to improve your score. Reach out to Jantzi Test Prep today!