How To Get A Perfect Score On The SAT

Around 1.7 million students take the SAT annually. Of these, only about 300 total students will get a perfect score of 1600. That’s a razor-thin margin, but it doesn’t mean it’s impossible. Plus, knowing how to get a perfect score on the SAT will help you master its quirks and give you a better chance of scoring well, even if you don’t get a 1600. Take a look at these tips for mastering the SAT.

How to Ace the Math Section

The math section of the SAT is the easiest to understand in terms of how it’s graded. For a score of 800, you need to get every single question correct. And, because it’s math, there’s no room for error—you either arrive at the correct answer or you don’t.

Here are some specific tips to help you get through the math section:

  • Know the format. You’ll have three hours to complete the math section. The questions increase in difficulty as you work your way through, however, you’ll be given a list of formulas to help you with certain problems.
  • Master math concepts. For example, you may be asked to determine the area of a shaded section. In order to do so, perhaps you’ll need to know how to calculate the area of a circle as one step in determining the shaded section. In essence, you need a solid foundation of general math concepts for questions that require multiple processes be used to arrive at the solution.
  • Take multiple practice tests. Practice is key to acing the math section. It’s been shown that students who do best on sections like math put in extra time and effort to study for this section of the SAT.

How to Ace the Reading and Writing Sections

Although there may be more “wiggle room” with the reading and writing sections, you should set your sights high here as well. This is what you can do to get one step closer to a perfect score:

  • Practice reading with a timer. If you don’t do this, you’ll be reading in a hurry the first time you take the actual test. This is what will cause you to make mistakes! You have 65 minutes for the reading section, so practice beforehand to keep yourself calm and collected while reading the passages.
  • Read the questions thoroughly. Another chief mistake students make is that they don’t notice the language of the reading/writing questions. You might see questions worded oddly, such as “the author’s likely primary objective here…” If you see language like this, remember that you’re not expected to answer with your personal reading opinion. You’re expected to communicate what the author intended.

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