How to Get Your SAT Score up 300 Points

Are you wanting to improve your SAT score? Then it helps to have a powerful reason. The SAT isn’t just an arbitrary score that won’t have any effect on your academic career—it has a real impact on your future. That said, even a few point increase can make a big difference in allowing you to get into the colleges you desire. So, let’s take a look at how to get your SAT score up 300 more points!

Why Scoring Higher Matters

Scoring higher can accomplish a lot, including the following:

  • Better college options. A higher SAT score will give you more confidence when it’s time to send out college applications. While it’s true that you need more than a high SAT score to get into  many colleges, improving your score by 300 points will also demonstrate that you’re willing to put in the work to achieve your academic goals.
  • Better scholarship options. Some scholarships may have specific testing requirements, while  others will use test results as one variable among many. But it never hurts to have a higher SAT score to increase your chances of landing lucrative scholarships that help you pay for college.
  • Better habits for the future. Last, but certainly not least, setting your aims this high will mean that you’ll have to establish the kinds of study and preparation habits that can only help you in your academic journey. In fact, if you put in the work and reap the rewards, you’ll also teach yourself important lessons about the value of applying yourself.

The only remaining question is: how do you do it?

Tips for Improving Your SAT Score by 300 Points

Here are some key tips for improving your SAT score:

  • Improve your vocabulary. Having a wide, well-read vocabulary can be a major boost to anyone who needs to improve reading comprehension. Try to incorporate more fiction reading into your routine, rather than relaxing with just video games, Internet, or television. Keep a dictionary handy and look up the words you don’t recognize.
  • Start studying now—not the night before. Sure, there may be some fortunate individuals who can get 300 points higher with their eyes closed. And maybe you’re one of them. But why not optimize your potential for a higher score by preparing far in advance and not cramming the night before? It will help you increase your memory retention and lower your stress as you prepare.
  • Take practice tests. The SAT might test your general academic skills, but it’s also a mini-skill all on its own. If you want to maximize your score, take practice tests that teach you the art of test-taking, managing your time, and giving yourself the best chance to improve.
  • Fill in every answer. On the SAT, missing a question is the same as getting it wrong. However, if you don’t know an answer, filling something it will at least give you the chance of getting it right. This may not be enough to improve your score by 300 points, but when you want to improve that much—every bit counts.

Take an SAT Prep Course

Finally, the last way to get your SAT score up 300 points is to make sure that you reach out for outside help. Our ACT/SAT test prep courses from Janzti Test Prep are a great way to learn the best ways to practice for these specific tests. We even include a 100% money-back guarantee if you don’t improve your score. There’s nothing to lose—sign up for a course today!