How To Send SAT Scores To Colleges

As a student, you’ve worked hard for your test scores, so of course you’ll want to make sure the colleges of your choice receive them! You put in plenty of time and effort into getting high test scores, so it’s important to ensure they get to the right place. This is how to send SAT scores to colleges and other tips for sending them on a limited budget. Here’s what you’ll need to know:

Methods for Sending Your SAT Scores

Colleges need to see your authentic, verified scores. So, if the process sounds complicated, don’t fret. There are actually multiple methods for sending your SAT scores—you just have to pick the one that suits you. Here are your options:

Send a Score Report

If you’ve already taken the test, you can request to send a score report to the appropriate colleges and universities. But keep in mind that there’s a tight 9-day window that applies after the SAT has been taken. If you’ve waited too long, you should expect to pay the $12 fee. If you send the request in time, however, you can get a fee waiver.

One of the simplest ways to send a score report is to make the report request on the day of the test. The SATs will allow four registration score reports for free for the first nine days. After that, the fees mentioned above will apply.

Sending a score report will cost you a minimal amount, especially if you request the reports to be sent on the day of the SAT. But what happens if you’re in a rush to send your scores?

A Rush Order for Sending SAT Scores to Colleges

If you need an SAT report to be sent in a hurry, you can always have them rushed.

The advantage of having them rushed is that it gives you some flexibility. This gives you more time to scope out the college and universities you believe will be best for you. However, it’s best to avoid this situation if you can, because the fees will start to pile up. A typical rush order will cost you $31, with additional fees possibly applying as well.

How to Send SAT Scores to Colleges the Best Way

The best way to send SAT scores is to pick your top four colleges and universities, and include them among your free recipients of a score report. This will prevent you from having to pay any additional fees for rush orders. However, this requires some planning in advance—but it’s better to be safe than sorry. Don’t scramble around waiting to prepare for college. Start now, and your checkbook will thank you for it later.

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