Top LSAT Test Taking Strategies

Preparing for the LSAT can be intimidating, especially if you don’t have any guidance along the way. How should you prepare? What kinds of strategies are out there? Is it as simple as reading up, taking a few practice tests, and hoping for the best? All in all, an active LSAT test-taking strategy will go above and beyond these basics. It will evaluate the LSAT’s unique quirks and help you prepare for each and every one of them. Below are a few of the top LSAT test taking strategies to keep in mind.

Employ Active Reading

The LSAT requires active reading, which is an advanced form or reading that requires much more engagement.  In essence, you must take an active role in the passages you’re given. As you can tell, this is not like how you would read for enjoyment! Instead, as you prepare for the LSAT, make sure that you employ the following to practice active reading:

  • Underline topic sentences
  • Organize paragraphs by key takeaways
  • Circle key words that are important in discerning the most critical issues at hand. For example, circling “however” is a great way to ensure that you don’t lose reading clarity by ignoring an important modifier.


No, you won’t want to guess on every single question. But, on the LSAT, there’s no penalty for getting a wrong answer versus leaving it blank. That means it’s always better to give yourself a 25% chance of selecting the correct answer rather than leaving yourself no opportunity at all.

Of course, guessing should be your last resort. It’s something you’ll want to leave to the end if you still aren’t sure and you’re running out of time. But, as a last resort, it’s an important one to remember because it may just end up helping you out in a few hard spots.

Invest Your Study Time Based on the Weighting of the Test

It’s important that you use a customized study strategy based on your own merits and weaknesses. But that doesn’t mean that you should ignore the basic structure of the test, either. For example, the LSAT Logical Reasoning section is given a tremendous amount of weight in the grading, which means you may even want to invest as much as half of your time preparing for this section.

Ask for Help

One of the best ways to ensure that you don’t have any weaknesses in your preparation for the LSAT is to enlist outside help. In some cases, that may mean consulting with someone who’s taken it before and learning what they did. But if these top LSAT test taking strategies don’t do enough for your confidence, there’s more you can do to better prepare.

Study with an LSAT Tutor

If you find yourself really lost, it’s critical that you consider getting assistance from a professional LSAT tutor. Our knowledgeable staff at Jantzi Test Prep can help diagnose your main areas of improvement and create a study strategy that will have you feeling confident on the day of the test.