Tutoring Or ACT Prep Course? Here’s How To Decide

When college exams approach, it can be a difficult time. There are decisions to make everywhere. How will you prioritize your time? Where will you spend your efforts? Does the student in your life have enough extra-curricular activities? It’s too much. To help, here’s a brief guide on whether to hire a private tutor or sign up for a college entry exam prep course. We hope this post helps you make the right decision for your student.

Success Rate: Which One Counts More?

Ready for a disappointing answer? It depends. A private tutor can help boost your student’s scores—there’s no doubt about it. But that doesn’t mean you should forget all about the potential of an ACT prep course, either. Here at Jantzi, we have a 98% success rate with our college entry exam preparation classes. The average score improvement is about 100 points.

Our private tutors could offer similar results, or even better results in some cases. But there are a few other considerations to take into account before making your decision.

The Advantages Of Tutoring & Prep Courses

Here are a few of the advantages of private tutoring:

  • Customized and personalized instructions. A private tutor can build a studying schedule built around your student’s needs.
  • Accountability. The one-on-one environment of a private tutor means that the hard work always gets done.
  • Confidence. Working with a private tutor is a bit like having a personal coach to help you along the way, which helps instill a sense of confidence as the exams approach.

Prep courses have plenty of advantages, too:

  • Guarantee. The Jantzi Guarantee is simple: finish the course and assigned work—and if your student doesn’t see an improvement in their scores, you’ll get 100% of your money back. This guarantee is possible thanks to our 98% success rate.
  • Budget. Although there are some budget-friendly private tutors available here at Jantzi, you can save money overall if you don’t have any extra to spend by signing up for a low-commitment prep course instead.

Finding the best option for your student doesn’t have to be about the ultimate solution. It can also be about the right choice for your student’s needs.

Making The Choice

Private Tutoring here at Jantzi comes in three options, so make sure you give those a look before making a final decision.

Test Prep Courses include two options. The most affordable option is the Four-Hour Course, which is ideal for those looking to prepare for ACTs and SATs on a budget.

Which choice will be the right for you? It’s all about your budget and your needs. If you want the comprehensive and involved approach of a private tutor, we can find a way to make that work. If your student needs a refresher before taking the college exams, our ACT/SAT Test Prep will have them ready to finish with a score they can be proud of. Of course, you can always sign your student up for both! Either way, the result is the same: improvement.