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Since 1987, our ACT/ SAT prep course has equipped tens of thousands of students to achieve their full potential and gain admittance and scholarship opportunities to some of the nation’s top schools. This is a comprehensive, cost-effective course that your child will enjoy.

Private Tutoring

You should be very selective when choosing someone to provide tutoring services. Knowledge of subject matter is not the only consideration. A great tutor knows how to relate to each student. Our tutors are fun, personable, patient, and genuinely interested in your child’s success.

What Other Parents Are Saying

mom-2“ ‘Jantzi loves you’ is a recurring statement Tim Jantzi makes during his four-hour workshops.  The amazing part of that is that Tim truly does care about the students in his workshops, and they reciprocate.  His genuine affection for young people is a key component of what he does and what Jantzi Test Prep stands for.  Time and time again, I have seen Tim cajole the best from students – in the workshops through his humor and wit, and on standardized tests through his proven strategies.”

"I am so happy I signed up for tutoring with Jessica. The one-on-one attention and flexible schedule set me up for success on the ACT. Not only did it boost my confidence, she took the time to see where I needed the most help and focused on those areas in order to help me improve. I was able to raise my scores high enough to receive scholarship money that I would not have been eligible for without my new test score."

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SAT & ACT Prep Courses Information

Our Strategies for Success ACT & SAT prep course consists of six modules, each two hours long for a total of 12 hours.

Do prep courses for the SAT & ACT really work?

Yes! Or you get your money back. For almost 30 years, Jantzi Test Prep has offered a money-back guarantee because we are so confident your child’s score will increase significantly, on average by 100 points. We know that you don’t want your money back, you want the increase in score so that your child can get into a great college. Jantzi Test Prep has a 98% success rate for score improvements. We only require a student to attend the course for 12 hours, complete about 4 hours of homework and take the SAT within 30 days of completing the course. Our guarantee is very simple – very honest.

Why should you choose Jantzi Test Prep over others?

We get results, period. If we don’t, you get ALL of your money back. Jantzi Test Prep instructors are easily the best-trained in the industry. All of our instructors have apprenticed for at least six months before teaching test prep courses. This is not typically the case with our competitors. Another huge reason is our Strategies for Success courses are FUN! Students consistently say how much they LOVE going to the classes. You’re NOT likely to find that anywhere else.

Don’t wait until after they have taken the test to sign them up.

Your child has probably already taken a PSAT, which is an accurate predictor of SAT scores. Also, the more times a student takes the test without proper preparation, the more they reinforce bad habits. Practice makes perfect only when you practice perfectly. Otherwise, practice makes permanent. Why wait to sign up when students can repeat the course FREE as many times as they want? No matter what score they have, our prep course will get them a higher score. No one has ever complained their test scores were too high!