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  • 100% Moneyback Score Improvement Guarantee

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Since 1987, Jantzi Test Prep has successfully prepared tens of thousands of students. We have over 30 years of experience, expert teachers, and competitive prices. Register now!

100% Money-Back Guarantee

We are so sure that this course will work for you, that we guarantee a score improvement or 100% money back. What could be more fair than that?

The Most Cost-Effective Way to Help Your Child

There is no quicker or less expensive way to boost scores. On top of that, your child will actually enjoy going to the classes.

No More Fights Over Exam Scores

You want higher scores, and your child wants the nagging to stop. Our instructors succeed when everything else has failed.

Discounts Applicable Only to 12 Hour Course.

Friends Discount

When two or more students (including siblings) register for the same scheduled course, each student receives a $100 discount. Code: 4FRIENDS

Sibling Discount

If you've paid for one sibling's tuition in the past, you receive a $100 discount when you register another sibling for a future course. Code: 4SIBLING

Educator Discount

School counselors, teachers, and administrators, coaches, and youth pastors receive a $100 discount when registering their child for the course. Code: 4EDUCATOR

Corporate Discount

If your company agrees to post our services on the benefit page at your company, each employee will receive a $100 discount toward the prep course. Code: 4CORPORATE

Military Discount

Active and retired military receive a $100 discount when registering their child for the course. Code: 4MILITARY

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Course Info

How long is the Strategies for Success ACT/SAT prep course?

Each of the six modules is two hours long for a total of 12 hours.

Other companies offer courses that are 36 hours long. Are they more intensive?

No, just longer. Most of these courses provide the same amount of instructional time (12 hours) and use computer modules and so-called practice tests as filler. So in the end, these additional chores dilute instruction and help justify their exorbitant tuition.

What is wrong with the practice tests many other companies use?

They don’t use real SAT questions! These tests are not standardized and therefore have very limited benefits. Some of these companies actually use them as pre-tests and post-tests to back up their claims of a specific score increase. There are two major problems with this practice. First, who really cares how much a student scores on a simulated exam since colleges won’t accept them? Second, might there be the temptation to administer a more difficult test in the beginning and an easier version at the end to validate their guarantee?

What is your guarantee?

We guarantee your child will improve their score or you get all your money back.

Don't all courses guarantee that?

Some companies appear to offer similar guarantees, but they make it almost impossible to meet their qualifications (read the fine print). One course requires a 100-hour commitment of class and homework combined to get your money back! Other companies prorate refunds. We only require a student to attend the course for 12 hours, complete about 4 hours of homework and take the SAT within 30 days of completing the course. Our guarantee is very simple – very honest.

Don't all students improve when they re-take a standardized test?

No. Forty percent of all students re-taking the exam will go down. In addition, from test to test, the average score improvement of all test-takers is only 26 points.

Why can't you promise a specific score improvement?

Neither can anyone else! Other companies promise you the world to get your money – and then make it extremely difficult for you to get a refund if your child is not successful after their course. We will not do business this way. Think about it. Can you guarantee your child will do all their homework this week? Does your child ever have a bad day and perform poorly on a test? Since 1987 our students have averaged a 100-point improvement on the math and verbal sections the first time they take the course. Furthermore, with the free unlimited repeats, many students achieve even more than that.

How many students are in each class?

Class sizes vary according to the popularity of the test dates and the location, but on an average there are between 20 – 40 new students. Strategies for Success has been taught effectively to both large auditoriums and small groups. Students always learn when they are actively engaged in an enjoyable environment.

Why should I choose your course over theirs?

Many reasons. First of all, you will get results or you get all of your money back. Secondly, our instructors are easily the best-trained in the industry. All of our instructors have apprenticed for at least six months before teaching classes. Many companies do not give their instructors any training at all because they assume that achieving a high SAT score guarantees that person is a great SAT teacher. This is not always the case. Very few people make excellent teachers. Another reason is Strategies for Success is FUN! Students consistently say how much they love going to the classes. You’re not likely to find that anywhere else.

How do I know my child will like the course?

We allow students to attend any two-hour session free to check out the course. In fact, this is one of our strongest marketing tools. We know students will be amazed how much they learn while having fun.

Should students wait to take Strategies for Success until after they have taken the ACT or SAT to see how they do?

No. Most likely they have already taken a PSAT, which is an accurate predictor of SAT scores. Also, the more times students take the test without proper preparation, they reinforce bad habits. Practice makes perfect only when you practice perfectly. Otherwise, practice makes permanent. Why wait to sign up when students can repeat the course free as many times as they want? No matter what you’ve got, our prep course will get them a higher score. No one has ever complained their test scores were too high!

Should I wait to sign up if the class has already begun?

No. Since Strategies for Success is taught in individual modules (each class stands alone), students can begin at any time and make-up the missed session(s) the next time the course is offered. After a student has registered for the course, they may repeat the course as many times as they want free.

Do I need to re-register for every course if I have already paid?

No. If they have already paid for the class, students can simply show up (and bring their Student Strategy Guide).

How do I find out about upcoming courses?

After you have registered for our course, you will periodically receive notifications of future course schedules. You can also go to our website and check the course dates in your area.

What other services do your instructors offer?

Our instructors are very accessible and are well-trained in every aspect of the SAT. They will be happy to analyze your score reports and offer additional pointers for improving test scores.

How do I get Strategies for Success taught in my hometown?

Contact us and we will provide you with a “starter kit.” It will make things much easier if you have a good contact inside a local school. Since we have so many believers, we can usually get people on board quickly. We may give a presentation at the school to raise interest in our program. Many of our instructors are willing to travel to open up a new city.

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