How Can a Student Prepare for the ACT?

A student’s life as they prepare for college can be incredibly busy. Between college applications, school work, and extracurriculars, there simply doesn’t seem to be enough time to adequately prepare for college entrance exams. Yet we all know just how important these exams can be for a student’s future. So, how can a student prepare for the ACT in the context of a busy school year and still expect to do as well as they can? Here are some tips.

Make a Habit of ACT Prep

The first step is to avoid the illusion that a student can wait for a long time and cram for an exam in a night’s time. That’s an inefficient way to manage time that can result in a lot of wasted effort with little recall to show for it.

The better way to prepare is to get started as early as possible. Even twenty minutes of ACT preparation study a day can have a long-term effect on a student’s ability to perform their best. Additionally, handling this amount at a time can improve memory and recall, while helping to boost confidence.

One question remains: how can a student with a busy schedule find twenty minutes of additional time per day to prepare for the ACT? The solution is to start small. Simply making the habit part of the daily routine at first can go a long way in introducing a student to the different kinds of questions they’ll expect on the ACT. Over time, as other responsibilities wrap up, a student can then be free to devote more time to adequate ACT prep.

Finding the Right Guidance

Great ACT performance doesn’t happen in a vacuum. It takes support and experience to instill confidence in students. That’s why we recommend seeking out either an ACT test prep class or an ACT prep tutor. Students can benefit from the experience of someone who’s helped countless others take on the ACTs.

Why is this so important? Because test taking is a skill like any other. It has its unique quirks and skills. Even students who know the material inside and out will benefit from learning more about time management and how to structure an essay. These are skills that can be taught and learned, which in turn give a student the best chance to succeed, even if they’ve never been a “natural test-taker.”

Finding the right guidance for your student will help you better understand how—and why—to prepare for the ACT. Doing so can give the student a leg up on college work, while helping them to improve their chances of being accepted into their dream school—sometimes with academic scholarships.

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