How to Improve Your ACT Score

You know you want to improve your ACT score, but when it comes to figuring out how to actually achieve it, things can be a little confusing. How do you erase bad habits and replace them with superior study techniques? Here are a few things you can do to help improve your score.

Diagnose Your Most Common ACT Mistakes

The first step in improving your ACT score is to identify any bad study habits that held you back in the first place. The problem comes with performing an analysis on one’s own habits. A great place to start is to hire an ACT tutor. An experienced tutor can provide some outside perspective to help you identify the flaws in your study habits. A tutor can teach you strong tactics while helping to eliminate issues like poor prioritization of questions or under-emphasis of specific types of study.

If you can avoid your most common ACT mistakes, you’ll have a leg up when it comes to your overall score. But you still won’t have the complete package.

Set A Clear Goal

After eliminating mistakes, you’ll need to replace these bad habits with good ones. And one of the best habits you can develop is the ability to set clear, definable goals for your success.

That means setting a goal for the score you hope to achieve. This practice is good for any student who wants to improve their score. If you’ve already taken the ACT, you might set the goal of scoring a specific score of which you know you’re capable of. You can then design your study habits around that goal.

Key Study Techniques For The ACT

With the goal set in place, you then come across a very obvious question: how? How do you achieve a score improvement on the ACTs? How can you improve your knowledge base while changing your study habits? Here are some things to keep in mind:

  • Studying frequently without cramming. If the habit of “cramming” was among your early ACT mistakes, then frequent study sessions (every day) under less duress will be a strong replacement that will help you retain more of what you studied.
  • Shoring up weaknesses. One of the advantages of diagnosing your issues with an ACT tutor is that they can help identify and shore up the weaknesses you didn’t know you had.

Register For An ACT Prep Course

An improved ACT score doesn’t come overnight. It comes through diligence and commitment. If you can commit to studying and making a higher score your priority, you’ll be surprised at just how much you can improve your test-taking skills for a chance at a better result.

For additional assistance, consider registering for ACT prep course. By taking a prep course, you can gain all the skills you will need to perform well on exam day.