SAT Test Taking Tips For The Day Of The Exam

It’s great to prepare for the SATs well in advance of the day of the exam. But what if it’s too late? What are some SAT test taking tips that can help you perform well on the day of the SAT—and how might you incorporate them to your best possible advantage? We have a few suggestions:

Tip #1: Leave Yourself Enough Time to Rest

You might consider this more of a night-before-the-exam tip, as you can’t give yourself enough time to rest in the morning unless you get a good start the night before.

Why does it matter? According to a study by Dr. Matthew Walker, author of “Why We Sleep,” medical professionals were more likely to commit an error if they were functioning on too little sleep. The same is true for anyone with an exam or a test to take. To give yourself the best chance of remembering your study, get a good night’s sleep.

Tip #2: Eat a Source of Stable Energy

Performing well on an exam while overly hungry or having eaten something that disagrees with you is going to throw you off. That’s why it’s important to eat a well-balanced breakfast, preferably without adding any new foods into the mix that might upset your stomach.

Fruits, rich protein sources, healthy fats, and fiber-rich foods tend to provide your system with slower, stable energy that will have you feeling your best throughout the exam.

Tip #3: Practice Efficient Time Management

Throughout your studies, hopefully you’ve had the foresight to take a few practice exams—or at least worked with an effective SAT tutor who gave you practice SAT exams. Why are these so important? They help teach you effective time management on the day of the test, such as:

  • Saving questions for later when they take up too much of your time
  • Having a strong “mental gauge” of your time without checking it too often
  • Gradually checking your progress to see if you’re on the right pace

Time management is critical on the day of the exam. If you can’t go back in time and practice it beforehand, at least be aware of it throughout the test and allocate your time as wisely as possible.

Tip #4: Don’t Leave Anything Blank

You aren’t deducted extra points if you get a question wrong as opposed to leaving it blank, so make sure that you at least attempt to answer every question on the exam. A guess has at least a chance of being right. Leaving a question blank means that you’re guaranteeing you won’t get any points for it.

Build Confidence for the Day of the Exam

Having everything you need to perform well on the day of the exam isn’t just about what you do that morning. It’s also about what you do in the weeks and months ahead of that day. That’s why we recommend effective SAT tutoring to help bolster your chances of a great score on the SATs.

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